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Kaltura API

Service Name stats
Description Stats Service
Name Description
collectWill write to the event log a single line representing the event
client version - will help interprete the line structure. different client versions might have slightly different data/data formats in the line
event_id - number is the row number in yuval's excel
datetime - same format as MySql's datetime - can change and should reflect the time zone
session id - can be some big random number or guid
partner id
entry id
unique viewer
widget id
ui_conf id
uid - the puser id as set by the ppartner
current point - in milliseconds
duration - milliseconds
user ip
process duration - in milliseconds
control id
new point

KalturaStatsEvent $event
kmcCollectWill collect the kmcEvent sent form the KMC client
// this will actually be an empty function because all events will be sent using GET and will anyway be logged in the apache log
reportErrorUse this action to report errors to the kaltura server.