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appearInListKalturaAppearInListTypeVIf category will be returned for list action.
contributionPolicyKalturaContributionPolicyTypeVwho can assign entries to this category
createdAtintCreation date as Unix timestamp (In seconds)
defaultOrderByKalturaCategoryOrderByVEnable client side applications to define how to sort the category child categories
defaultPermissionLevelKalturaCategoryUserPermissionLevelVDefault permissionLevel for new users
descriptionstringVCategory description
directEntriesCountintNumber of entries that belong to this category directly
directSubCategoriesCountintNumber of direct children categories
entriesCountintNumber of entries in this Category (including child categories)
fullIdsstringThe full ids of the Category
fullNamestringThe full name of the Category
idintThe id of the Category
inheritanceTypeKalturaInheritanceTypeVIf Category members are inherited from parent category or set manualy.
inheritedParentIdintThe category id that this category inherit its members and members permission (for contribution and join)
membersCountintNumber of active members for this category
moderationKalturaNullableBooleanVModeration to add entries to this category by users that are not of permission level Manager or Moderator.
namestringVThe name of the Category.
The following characters are not allowed: '<', '>', ','
ownerstringVCategory Owner (User id)
partnerDatastringVCan be used to store various partner related data as a string
partnerSortValueintVCan be used to store various partner related data as a numeric value
pendingEntriesCountintNunber of pending moderation entries
pendingMembersCountintNumber of pending members for this category
privacyKalturaPrivacyTypeVdefines the privacy of the entries that assigned to this category
privacyContextstringVSet privacy context for search entries that assiged to private and public categories. the entries will be private if the search context is set with those categories.
privacyContextsstringcomma separated parents that defines a privacyContext for search
referenceIdstringVCategory external id, controlled and managed by the partner.
tagsstringVCategory tags
updatedAtintUpdate date as Unix timestamp (In seconds)
userJoinPolicyKalturaUserJoinPolicyTypeWho can ask to join this category