Welcome to the Kaltura Video Platform - Community Edition v6.0.0 dev

Get Started!

Please login to the Kaltura Administration Console, go to the Add New Publisher page and create your first publisher account.
You will then receive an email with the Kaltura Management Console (KMC) login credentials to access & manage any publisher media.

Click on the thumbnails below to manage the media or system:

Publisher Tools (Content Admins)

How do I manage my rich-media content?
Use the Kaltura Management Console (KMC)!
The KMC supports content ingestion, media and playlist management, wyswyg application studio for creating media players, rich-media syndication, advertising and more.
Learn more in the KMC quick start guide.

Server Admin Tools (IT technicians)

How can I administer & monitor my server?
Use the Kaltura Administration Console!
The console supports multi-publisher management, user management and batch process control and monitoring.
Learn more in the Kaltura.org Kaltura platform administration guides.

How do I integrate Kaltura CE media into my website?

Join The Discussion & Get Technical Support

I like Kaltura - where can I Contribute & Participate?

Join the Kaltura Exchange to share your applications, get audience and make money!

The Kaltura Application Exchange is a virtual marketplace for publishers, developers, integrators and web shops to "trade" in video applications & Kaltura Services. The Exchange is geared towards saving time and money for those looking to expand upon the core Kaltura platform for their own specific use case, and on the flip side to allow developers to publish and potentially generate revenue from their own Kaltura-related contributions.

On the Kaltura Exchange you can find an audience for your Kaltura applications as well as offer your services to Kaltura publishers looking for additional services, support, and solutions.